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Applications are due October 8th at 3 pm PST


Consulting is a service that provides expert advice in a particular area to a party. Consultants will normally conduct research, run analyses, and formulate data-driven solutions addressing the issue. An example would be hiring a consultant to gain advice on whether it would be profitable to move a business to a new location.

CCC fosters a supportive environment where members have the opportunity to take on leadership positions, sharpen their hard and soft skills, and be able to grow professionally. Students can expect a professional and selfless community of like-minded people, career focused events, and practical experiences.

There are no academic requirements to join CCC. All that we ask is that you have an interest in consulting, come with an open-mind, and be willing to work with others to grow!

That’s completely okay! CCC does not require you to have any previous experience in consulting in order to join. Once you have been admitted into CCC, you will be led through a training process and be expected to complete a mock project before taking on a real client project.

All the members in CCC come from various studies and don’t neccessarily have the end goal of pursuing consulting. However, the skills and training that you gain from our program will be fundamental to any industry you choose.